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A rare entertainer!

A rare entertainer!

By K N Gupta

Eye TV India Bureau

Cast: : Mohammad Samad, Naresh Kumar
Director: Rajan Khosa

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Every now and then comes along a rare Bollywood entertainer. This time, Director Rajan Khosa and producer Children's Films Society of India deserve big applause for the film 'Gattu' released July 20, 2012. The film fills a huge void and will serve to entertain millions of unfortunate Indian children who lead a miserable life for no fault. Deprived of education and childhood privileges, theirs is a pitiable life. But, 'Gattu' will show them the ray of hope, put a smile on the innocent faces and serve at least to show that dreams can be fulfilled. The moviemakers must be complimented for their deft dealing of the subject and its portrayal on screen that does not depict India as merely as land of slums and dirt as may have been mistaken in Oscar winner 'Slumdog Millionaire'. 'Gattu' is a real and pliable story that dwells on optimism with the character Gattu reveling in joy while surrounded by what could be called misery. Bollywood must be complimented for two such movies within almost 12 months. The earlier movie was Amole Gupte's path-breaking film 'Stanley Ka Dabba'.

Rajan Khosa's 'Gattu' has begun to gather its share of awards, winning the International Jury young Generation Special Mention at the just concluded Berlin International Film Festival. 'Gattu' also opened the International Children's Film Festival of India at Hyderabad in November 2011. Khosa had won a Special Mention from the young people's Jury at Berlin for his debut feature, 'Dance of the Wind', in 1997.

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The 82- minute film is about a 9-year-old orphan Gattu played by Mohammad Samad who lives in the Himalayan foothills and works in the junkyard of his uncle Anees. Gattu knows he is deprived of education, but is happy with the little things in life such as the chance to fly kites like children his age. He develops a rivalry in Kite flying, with a black kite nicknamed Kali that makes all other kites lose as Kali uses crushed glass-coated thread that cuts others. Gattu is determined to win. He learns that he could succeed if he flies his kite from the highest terrace, located at a private school. He dares to steal a school uniform, sneaks into a classroom and then on to the roof in a thrilling journey. Kudos to the director for a wonderfully demonstrated spirit of a child - a definite USP of this movie that makes it appeal across age groups.

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Director Khosa succeeds by narrating the Gattu story skillfully. Mohammad Samad, as Gattu, is just superbly natural and a great artist. The mannerism and traits - sticking his lip out, flaring his nostrils and rebuking his uncle for taking advantage of him - are more than a treat to watch. Really speaking, Gattu shoulders the movie. The duration of the film is 82 minutes is just appropriate and it has no unnecessary footage.

The well crafted plot, the actor, the director and cinematography is brilliant as a package. Must watch and with your kids!!



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