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A sexy, but not dirty movie

By K N Gupta

Eye TV India Bureau

Cast: : Sunny Leone, Randeep Hooda and Arunoday Singh
Director: Pooja Bhatt

Critic's I-view

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Bollywood has come of age and actor-turned-director Pooja Bhatt has proved her mark and mettle just like her acclaimed father Mahesh Bhatt. The hype that Pooja Bhatt's 'Jism2' will be a sultry and dirty picture is just wrong. The movie is sexy, in that it has style akin to the evolved Hollywood cinema. 'Jism 2' is a ethical movie with generous dose of sex and masala which is needed today to entertain the audience. Indo-Canadian actress Sunny Leone labeled, and perhaps dismissed, as a porn star erases that myth. Sunny is gorgeous and sexy alright but not vulgar, and her character, Izna, in the movie demands scenes shot as such. That how in the plotIzna attract a patriot turned assassin Kabir or a fake intelligence officer like Ayaan! Her beautiful body/ skin show or cleavage or wearing an all red lingerie is esthetically fine, and cannot be described dirty.

The movie starts with Sunny Leone (playing porn star Izna) revealing her story lying on her deathbed. She earns her livelihood by sleeping with men in hotels. She has power over her men. Even intelligence officers (though fake) Ayaan played by Arunoday Singh shares bed with her one night and then tells her who he is. He reveals his mission and convinces Izna, in the name of service to the nation, to approach her ex lover Kabir who had now turned an assassin of political and intelligence persons. Ayaan hires Izna on the advice of his superior officer Guru Saldanah played by Arif Zakaria on a huge sum of Rs 100 million to help catch the dreaded assassin. She is taken to Sri Lanka's picturesque Galle city to reunite and gain back the confidence of Kabir Wilson played by Randeep Hooda, and steal secret data from him.

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Afraid of the risk, yet Izna accepts the assignment to settle the old score with Kabir. Izna moves next door to Kabir's house, and pretends to be engaged to Ayaan. She walks in a manner that provokes Kabir who still finds her jism (body) irresistible. When Kabir offers her to marry him she agrees only to obtain secret data from him. Izna pretends to leave Ayaan for Kabir. Meanwhile, Ayaan is in love with her and she is too. Kabir gets suspicious, presumably on the advice of his loyalist colleague. She tries in vain to kill Kabir, but he is aware and then reveals why he became an assassin a patriotic intelligence man. He provides her the secret data and warns her that her hirers will finally kill her.

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The movie's story is good, but the screenplay, centering on terrorism, war mongering and nexus of corruption and power, is even better. Shagufta Rafique's dialogues are witty, meaningful and rare. The performance of the cast is extraordinary. Sunny Leone's acting is superb and she shines. 'Jism 2' will establish her in Bollywood, and who knows she could use it as a springboard to Hollywood because of her Canadian upbringing. Randeep Hooda. and Arunoday Singh deliver wonderful performances. Zakaria as fake IB guru acts well. Nigam Bomzan's cinematography is very good, especially the shots of Sri Lanka. Arko Provo Mukherjee has composed songs appropriate to the film's different situations. Yes, Sunny and Randeep Hooda steal the show.

Overall, the movie is an action-adventure-drama and could set the standard for a different twist to Bollywood films in its genre. Pooja lucks out just like her father - in the fourth movie. 'Jism 2' is a very pleasing adult entertainer!



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