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A unique attempt!

A unique attempt!

By K N Gupta

Eye TV India Bureau

Cast: : Amit Purohit, Abhimanyu Singh, Murali Sharma, Rituparna Sengupta, Raghuveer Yadav, Vijay Raaz, Omkar Das Manikpuri, Harsh Rajput, Pitobash, Aabid Shamim, Ruhi
Director: Manish Manikpuri

Critic's I-view

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'Aalaap' (modulation of voice) released on July 27, 2012, is a unique Bollywood movie in many respects. First, the film focuses on the potential to harness youth to spread awareness on the ills. Two, the movie is produced by young educationalists of Chhattisgarh Nishant Tripathi and Abhishek Mishra who aspire to solve the Naxalite problem facing their state and the country. Three, most of the cast and crew comprise newcomers who volunteered to join the cause of the producers. Fourth, this is a small budget movie. It's an effort that deserves applause. Yet, for all the aforesaid reasons, the film and producers haven't been able to promote it and therefore couldn't get distribution to take it to any meaningful screen in India. We recommend this film to movie goers to support the herculean task undertaken by the makers. It must be noted that even Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh admits that the Naxalite problem is the country's biggest internal confrontation.

The message of 'Aalaap' is crisp and clear that love wins over violence and to avoid the blame game. Naxalites place the onus of societal ills especially in underdeveloped tribal India on the government and feel that an armed struggle is their only resort. But, the movie depicts a band of young men who believe that love can win over both the Naxalites and the armed forces. 'Aalaap' is set in Naxalites affected state of Chhatisgarh. The movie begins with a college music show rocked by Rahul, played by Amit Purohit. Rahul is the best student, so the local District Magistrate R P Singh (administrator) uses him to create awareness campaigns. DM's right-hand man, Bachchi Bhaiyya played by Vijay Raaz, uses Rahul to influence the local idols, i.e. rebellious rockers - Subhash, Brajesh and Prashant played by Pitobash, Shamim and Harsh Rajput respectively, to arrange a concert. They run into an army truck full of friendly jawans, but are shocked when it is blown up. The rockers shocked again to discover that Rahul's teacher Dr Bharti played by Rituparna Sengupta, nurses a Naxalite, involved in blowing the army truck. The musicians are traumatized by the violence. One day, they're invited to the core of the Naxal corps where Andhra ideologue Anna Reddy played by Murli Sharma watches them rock and roll. Many of the Naxals enjoy their music.

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Suddenly, R P Singh played by Abhimanyu Singh descends on the Naxal camp in a shooting spree. Naxalite commander Murli sends their women and children, including his son, to a safer place. Unaware that the band of young musicians helps the Naxal families out, Murli wants to kill Rahul suspecting him to be involved in the police raid. Dr Bharti reveals the truth about Rahul and his bid to save Murli's son! Dr Bharti tells Murli to see others' pain in Murli's own for his son. Dr Bharti shoots herself before the eyes of Murli. Now Murli repents choosing violence! In an exclusive interview, producer Nishant Tripathi said his group of educationists conceived the subject and the plot. Their state is fraught with the daily long standing war between the CRPF (India's paramilitary force) and the Naxalites that has killed hundreds including innocent people on both sides. The movie was shot in the thick forests of Chhatisgarh where the actual fight between the Naxalites and the forces has been taking place for decades.

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The movie's cast said they braved tremendous difficulties during the shooting. Some of the well experienced cast comprising Raghubir Yadav, Vijay Raaz, Krishna Srivastava and Onkar Das Manikpuri lend full support to the debutant actors. Manish Manikpuri says casting is among the mainstays of the film. Amit Purohit, Pitobash Tripathy, Harsh Rajput and Aabid Shamim play the lead roles. Bollywood has added one more Sri Lankan actress to its list. This is Miss Sri Lanka 2009, Gamya Wijayadasa, who has debuted in Bollywood with an item song in 'Aalaap' called "Chadti Jawaani Mazedaar". The newcomer music director provides excellent compositions. The soundtrack features songs composed by Agnee with lyrics from Panchhi Jalonvi and Mohan like "Pa Paraa Paa" are very catchy. This movie is indeed a musical in many respects.

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The plot and the screenplay are good, so also the dialogues. Rituparna Sengupta as Dr Bharti looks pretty and acts very well. However, Ruhi playing Rahul's sweet girl as Sukriti looks a pretty model turned actress, but doesn't have adequate role. The performances of Amit Purohit, Abhimanyu Singh, Murali Sharma, Raghuveer Yadav, Vijay Raaz, Omkar Das Manikpuri, Harsh Rajput, Pitobash and Aabid Shamim are brilliant. Gamya Wijayadasa's"Chadhti Jawaani" is good and satisfies the audience's taste for an item number. Photography and music are added features of the movie. Overall, 'Aalaap' is great movie for all.



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