Ashmit admits is too friendly

Ashmit admits is too friendly

By Eye TV India Bureau

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Bollywood newcomer actor Ashmit Patel had gathered a reputation of being too cozy with co-contestants in the reality show 'Bigg Boss'. Claims Ashmit, 34, that he’s just an affable and gregarious guy and mostly misunderstood for his friendly nature. Reportedly, the young actor is miffed at rumors of his link-ups with Pakistani model-turned-actress Veena Malik and another gal Sara Khan. Ashmit calls them only co-contestants. He dismisses gossip and says he’s a grown up man and can handle the pot-shots the media takes at him. Incidentally, the actor is returning to the small screen with the second season of 'Superstud' on UTV’s Bindass channel. 'Superdude' airs in October 2012 and Ashmit is seen mentoring 13 boys on how to woo girls!

He admits his weakness and fondness for reality shows with such great concepts because unlike film they allow the actor to engage with the audience. He admits that he picked the project and the role for he was always surrounded with lovely beauties in his life and learned how to woo them. So, he’s gonna pass on the good mantras! This is to recall that Ashmit misses his actor sister Amisha, who is living separately these days. He believes that his sister's estrangement is working against him, but that hasn't really affected his feelings for her. He is confident that the day is not too far when she'll re-unite with the family.


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