Bollywood Gupshup

July 12, 2012

Kingfisher Model Poonam Pandey is back in news again and this time because of a fight with bong beauty Bipasha Basu. Recently Bips has said that today’s guys are nothing more than a bunch of losers, who do not know how to handle themselves. Reacting strongly to these comments Poonam fired a volley of tweets defending men. Poonam said “Just cause you chose all the losers in ur life, doesn’t mean all men are lukhas. People who say ‘all men are losers’ havnt really met a man yet. If todays “guys are losers,” will you settle with a filthy, old rich man? tsk tsk(sic) For an actress who is “unsatisfied” with her career after a decade in Bollywood, clearly, Who is the “loser” here? (sic)” And as soon as Poonam began tweeting, the responses began pouring in to see the cat fight of two hotties. Well it could have been a great tamasha but Bips changed her tweets and took a backseat as Poonam continued the offensive. Well, Poonam one thing is for sure you know how to be in news always.

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