Dateline Punjab

February 26, 2010

SPORTS BIND PEOPLE TOGETHER Nothing unites a nation like sports can. It brings people together - binding communities and bridging social divides. Many Sikh sportspersons of India have brought laurels to the country. They rubbish those who promote separatism and ask them to learn about unity from sports. AERO-MODELLING – A HOBBY SPORT Aero-modelling is the simplest, safest, most creative and fun way to build and fly one's own airplanes. Fascinated by the thrill of the hobby sport, a group of like-minded people in Ludhiana have been popularising it by training those opting career in flying. WOMEN HORSE RIDERS Horse-riding at one time was a favourite sport among Punjab’s royalty, indeed for the blue blooded all over the world. To preserve and enrich the glory of the sport, equestrian clubs have taken up the challenge. And surprisingly, women are participating in this sport once the exclusive domain of the men. PAMMI BAI – FOLK SINGER (THE ACHIEVER) He stands as a guardian of the Punjabi culture. He has kept himself rooted in the basics of Punjabi folk song. Paramjit Singh Sidhu alias Pammi Bai is an artist who not only rejuvenated Punjab’s dying dance forms internationally, but continues his battle against vulgarity and nudity in videos. We call people like him as the achievers. FILM - SUKHMANI – HOPE FOR LIFE Punjabi film industry is undergoing a revival with the success of a few latest Punjabi movies. Now Gurdass Maan starrer “Sukhmani” - a film about a soldier working against all odds to uphold his moral values– is set to take Punjabi cinema by storm. Take a look.

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