Farah in designer clothes

Farah in designer clothes

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Acclaimed Bollywood choreographer-turned-actor Farah Khan seems to have reluctantly agreed to make an acting debut in Bela Sehgal’s ‘Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi’. But she got the look and feel of the 40-year-old Shirin Fugawala perfectly right. And who would’ve done it better than a real Parsi? Farah roped in a Parsi designer Delnaz Kharbari for the clothes, particularly Parsi frocks. Delnaz had to get her aunt’s clothes, Farah confessed. The Parsi makeover wasn’t only about the costumes but also the body language had to be tweaked. Farah admits she learned to stand and keep her feet together in a certain way. Fashion sense was tedious for Farah who is usually very careless with her attire, and mannerisms. Ultimately, the adorable Farah and her Parsi stylist actually worked hard to fit Farah into the character of Shirin. Nevertheless, Farah doesn’t caricature Parsis unlike a Hindi film featuring Parsis shown walking, talking and gesturing in general. Bollywood has a history of that, especially when presenting South Indians. Fortunately, Sanjay Leela Bhansai and Bela Sehgal also decided that neither would there be any fake accents nor any exaggerated body language. Farah says, she didn't want to get into that 'Ae, Tu Kya Bolta Hai' kind.

However, Farah will be seen grooving to a special item number alongside co-star Boman Irani at Yash Raj studios. Ironically her assistant Geeta Kapoor will be choreographing her mentor in the song. Farah too couldn't conceal her excitement as she tweeted on the day of the first shoot, ''Have woken up 1 hour earlier than alarm in excitement. Joker ad out n I'm shootng an item song 4 Shirin Farhad... but this time I'm dancing! The movie is scheduled to release 24th August 2012.


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