Indian Idol - Finals

April 26, 2006
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Indian Idol - Finals

By Kkomal Seth & Gautam Seth

SANDEEP ACHARYA? ? The Agla INDIAN IDOL!!! With that announcement, the Indian Idol stage boomed with thrill and excitement like never before. It had never ever been soooo full of noise, drum beats, screaming and the utter frenzy for the show!!! The night of the GRAND FINALE of Indian Idol marked a day in the history of the nation?the voting lines which were open till 8:40 pm on the D-Day, March 22, 2006, had votes pouring in from the entire nation like never before!!! A GRAND FINALE to be remembered - The dazzling and glamorous night was set on fire with mind boggling performances by the first Indian Idol of the nation- ABHIJEET SAWANT making everyone dance to the tunes of ?Rang De Basanti?; Pop Queen ALISHA CHINOY on her latest craze, ?Kajra Re?, and heart thumping performance by Bollywood hearthrob Isha Kopikar on her famous ?Khallas? number!!! The icing on the cake was the presence of Bollywood DIVA KAJOL as the special guest for the GRAND FINALE!!! It was her first on screen appearance after her break from the industry?Indian Idol clearly could not be missed by anyone!!! As she returns to the big screen with her upcoming movie Fanaa, the Idol finalists Karunya and Sandeep sang the smashing hit ?Subhanallah? in its first Live performance coached by none other than the composer duo Jatin-Lalit. In one of the most magical moments of the Indian Idol stage the TOP 12 came back for the last time and performed on various numbers. Sandeep was ecstatic at his crowning and the shy guy from Bikaner had not one but many thundering reasons to be on cloud nine!!! Even before the announcement was made, his heart had swollen with happiness to see his numerous supporters straight from Bikaner!!! His entire family were dancing and singing with joy and pride at the huge achievement of the youngest member of the family. ?I cannot get over the fact that I am the chosen one?I think it will take a few days for the feeling to sink in that I am the country?s Agla Indian Idol! I am very happy to see the kind of love and support that I have been getting from the entire nation especially from Bikaner. I cannot figure out where to begin my new life from?so I am going to take each moment as it comes and enjoy and savour the unforgettable moments that this stage gave me!? exclaimed an ecstatic Sandeep Acharya. One crore contract with Sony, An Album contract with Sony BMG, A shining new Maruti Baleno Car, Visa Card worth Rs 3 Lakhs and an Indian Idol memento, A Guitar presented by Abhijeet Sawant ? were the lavish prizes that Sandeep Acharya won! According to him the Album contract is the best gift that he has received, ?It will be my own Album?an Album with only my songs on it!!!? exclaimed the man of the GRAND FINALE NIGHT!


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