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What a wonder is the music album of 'Kaminey' with everything in it? Yes, only Vishal Bhardwaj can do it. He has proved his talent in his recent past's 'Omkara' and 'No Smoking'. In fact, Vishal has already taken the Bollywood music to such a high standard that it's difficult for any other music director to reach there. He is versatile who combines in himself the traits of a music director, a singer, a writer and also of a director. In this album, he has excelled and laid down still higher standards. Surely, this album will turn out a chartbuster of the year 2009 as besides Vishal's music, it has added features like the lyrics by Gulzar and vocals by industry's top singers. With five originals and two remixes, this is indeed a must listen album.
The album opens with Dhan te nan sung by Sukhwinder Singh and Vishal Dadlani. It's a combination of both rock as well as rustic music. While Sukhwinder gives the track a rustic flavor, Vishal Dadlani adds the rock touch. Moreover, there is a variety of instruments and sounds and a splendid orchestration. Sukhwinder and Vishal Dadlani's vocal chemistry has synchronized very well with Gulzar's lyrics. The track is so genuinely original, and innovative that it forces one to hit the floor right then! This number will be a chartbuster as it holds the interest of the listener from the beginning to the end. Dhan te nan has a remix version too. The song focuses more on vocals than instruments.

Then comes Pehli baar mohabbat. Mohit Chauhan has rendered it excellently. Being a soft, free-flowing love ballad the track instantly strikes a chord with the listener. The ballad is worth quoting: "Yaad Hai, peepal ke jiske Ghane saaye main, Hum ne Gilhari ke joothe matar khaye the". The piano notes impart a gentle symphony to the orchestra.

Now follows another score Raat ke dhai baje. This is a mix of Western and Indian influences. Suresh Wadkar's vocal reminds us of his 'Jaag Ja Ri' in 'Omkara'. Other singers include Kunal Ganjawala, Sunidhi Chauhan and Rekha Bhardwaj. The track has the Indian influence in its foot-tapping. It is a remixed version; an amalgamation of rap, pop and classical touches. Two phrases 'pehli baar mohabbat ki hai, aakhiri baar mohabbat ki hai' are taken from earlier song, and then come the song Raat Ke Dhai Baje.

The next one is a deadly combination of two very talented singers - Sukhwinder and Kailash Kher. Their song Fatak meaning a sound of whip has a folk flavor with a fast-paced tempo and amazing vocals. Gulzar's presence is immediately felt with his kind of lyrics. Sukhwinder ends the song with a hit! The track reminds of 'Kash Lagaa' from 'No Smoking'.

The title track of Kaminey is significant inasmuch as it has Vishal's wispy vocals which are soothing to the ears. Beginning soft, the score picks up tempo in few seconds. This blows one out insanely. After all, Vishal himself is singing it? This reads: Meri Aarzoo Kaminee...Mere Khwaab Bhi Kaminey....Ek dil se dosti thi....Yeh Huzur bhi Kaminey..... It's a different number mainly because of its out-of-the-box lyrics.

The album ends with an instrumental theme song Go Charlie. This is a two-minute long piece. An extended theme of Dhen te Nan is so addictive not to let you down. Similarly, remix version of Dhen Te Nan and Raat ke Dhai Baje go very well. Vishal Bhardwaj has indeed done a great job with this track by making it high on music and extremely edgy.

On the whole, Kaminey is easily among 2009's finest scores. Though it is experimental in its sound, yet very mainstream in appeal. The credit for its spectacular success goes to Vishal Bhardwaj.



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