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By Satyajit

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Fixed deposit or recurring deposit who cares if it's Paisa Vasool! No, this is not a call from merchant or bank employee, it's a film by Manisha Koirala. It's a big career move by Nepali beauty. After Aishwarya Rai ('Dil Ka Rishta') and Raveena Tandon ('Stumped'), it's Manisha who has turned producer. 'Paisa Vasool', the dream venture of Manisha Koirala, is made under the banner of Moving Images Production. The film is about the story of two women protagonists who want to rule the world in their own way? The story is about Baby (Sushmita Sen ), a struggling actress who aims big in life and Maria (Manisha Koirala), an estranged wife who runs bakery and inherits a big bungalow. But the real estate mafia confronts Manisha. The film is inspired by Mel Smith's "High Heels Low Lives". Srinivas Bhashyam writes and directs the film. Bapi-Tutul, a new music composer composes (or rather arranges) the music. Original soundtracks of the film are on Time Music. If you think that you are buying a film album you are wrong, as this is a collection of remixes and uncontemporary compositions. If you are immune to silly Remix stuff, this is a must buy. Everything goes in the remix way, old time classics are spiced in pop masala. Lyricist Sandeep Nath tries to even cash the frolicking lyrics of Mehmood evergreen hit 'Sab Se Bada Rupaiya'. It's rather a rehashed version of many remix albums.

The title track 'Paisa Vasool' is sung in two versions, both are westernized with the signature tune of the film. Sunidhi Chauhan renders the first version. The song epitomizes the theme of the film. Lyrics sound ordinary and remind of the title track of 80's hit 'Haadsa'.

Rajasthani folk singer Ila Arun enters the mainframe of the album with the soundtrack "Demand". After "Choli ki Peeche", Ila hasn't bloomed, she rather disappoints with this track which has a folk touch.

The meaningful soundtrack "Rukte Chalte" comes your way in the voice of ShankerMahadevan. This is undoubtedly the best track of the album. Shanker Mahadevan has come a long way and his musical genius is visible; he outshines others. Bappi-Tutul lends some grace to the album with this sentimental track.

Vasundhra Das whose vocal qualities in "Its time to disco" ('Kal Ho Na Ho') were witnessed returns with "Bindas (c'est la vie)", a hip-hop composition with all ingredients for pop generation. In a whirlpool of upbeat soundtracks, this stands tall. Vasundra Das has bright prospects in future. Now comes the brigade of remixes. Choose your favorite and hear it,you may find nothing new in it. Old wine in a new bottle! Helen's dance mix is a remix track sung by actor-turned-singer Vivek Mushran and Swastika and Pandit Sukhdev Chaturvedi. It has every popular remix infused in it. To start with it has "Piya Ab Tu", which has been sung and performed umpteen times, by as many insignificant singers. What is Vivek Mushran doing in the track? Singing? No, he is plagiarizing R.D. Burman by modulating his voice. "Aa Jaane Jaa" and "Yeh Mera Dil" following it. This track is produced and remixed by Jayanta Pathak.

Thank God, there is a place of melody in it. "Yaadon Mein" is a soft romantic duet though not the greatest but audible in a plagiarized album. Shaan and Shreya Ghoshal sing it in a passionate mood.

Another remix is in its way "Sab Se Bada Rupaiya" sung by Jojo. The song is inspired from the 70's hit "Sab Se Bada Rupaiya", which was sung by comedian Mehmood in a hilarious way.

Wait, another remix is waiting in the wings. This time it's "Hai Re Hai Tera Ghoongta". Kunal Ganjawala and Sowmya Raoh lent the vocals to the song. In a whirlpool of remix this is simply the best. Leslie Lewis (of Colonial Cousins) produces and remixes the song, but nothing fabulous about it. So, if you want to add one more to your remix collection, then you should go for this. Otherwise it's a complete washout.



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