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Mahima: Small is beautiful too

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Showman Subhash Ghai's discovery of Mahima Chaudhary in his 'Pardes' isn't doing very well in her career these days. Despite this, she is not out though she may be down. Our team met with her recently and asked her about her future career prospects. She said, " I am very much satisfied." Referring to her lean phase in career, she wondered that she is not alone to blame . Even excellent actors like Sushmita Sen and Akshaye Khanna haven't got from the industry what they deserved. However, she is happy that her performance in Sahara One's 'Filmstar' has been widely acclaimed. She added, "Today cinema is not confined to big banners only . Even others are making nice movies." In this context, she has claimed to have six small budget movies in her kitty. Anyway, Mahima is keeping her career a long distance away from her personal affairs. Yes, we men love matters.

Ray's praise for Jayaprada

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Jayaprada hasn't forgotten what world famous Satyajit Ray had said about her. Ray had described her as the most beautiful woman of the world. Yes, she is right . Ray had commented this while he inaugurated an international film festival in India . He saw Jayaprada helping him as the guest of honor while lighting the lamp. When Jayaprada gave the candle to Ray for lighting the lamp, he said , "You are the prettiest woman in the world." This remark from a world famous filmmaker floored the actress. She said, " Thank you, sir." Though Satyajit is no more there but her words still ring in Jayaprada's ears.

Craze for Bips' glimpse

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Bipasha Basu is known for her bold and sexy image in films. However, we realized that she is a crowd puller too. Recently, she visited a jewelry showroom in the crowded market of west Delhi. First, she came several hours late, then showed her face and spoke " Namastay Dilli ". No sooner the crowds tried to have a glance at her than they found that she had already left the place. Our team found even children crying to have a glimpse of their Bips aunty.

Priyanka on exposure

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Priyanka Chopra is not opposed to sex per se. She believes that sex doesn't lie in the exposure of one's skin by wearing scant clothes. Sex lies in one's eyes. The need is to express and feel it. She says she began with 'Andaaz' and 'The Hero' . There was a lot more than romance in these movies. Again, this is not necessary that an actor should begin his or her career with a love story. She has signed a Karan Johar movie that will launch in December this year. Incidentally, Priyanka has to compete with Lara Dutta in this movie too. Being a poet at heart, Priyanka finds time to put her sentiments into writing. These make her poetry ; some time written in joy and sometime in tense moments.

Tendency towards call girls?

Nowdays, there has been a tendency among young girls to play a call girl or a prostitute in movies. In the garb of art these girls indulge in sex, lip locking, enacting of bed scenes and wearing of the scantiest clothes . Let's compare the present with the past scenario . In the past, even though Meena Kumari in 'Paakeeza' and Vyjyanthimala in 'Devdas' were shown as prostitutes , they never displayed their bodies, however beautiful they looked . However, it has become a fashion even for a newcomer now to show her skin as much as possible by shedding her clothes . On the other hand, there is a girl named Veena Tripathi who has acted in 'Dil Hai Hindustani', 'Chalte-Chalte' and 'Disha' besides a French movie. She considers acting as part of one's social responsibility. She wonders how the role of a prostitute can inspire a viewer to watch a movie. Interestingly, Veena is in charge of the cultural wing of the Bhartiya Janata Party, known for its conservative views.


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