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By Satyajit - Eye TV India Bureau

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Yashraj Films, the esteemed banner that suffered a major blow after its two consecutive failures this year is back with their third offering 'Chak De India', a sport centric film. Shah Rukh Khan delivers his first big performance of the year with this film and it will be a big communion between him and the Yashraj banner after the golden success of 'Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge', 'Mohabbaterin' and 'Veer Zaara'. It also has Vidya Malvade in the lead star cast while the rest of the stars are facing camera for the first time in their career. Director Shimit Amin, who debuted with violent film 'Ab Tak Chhappan' directs this film that is based on the spirit, strength and fortitude of Indian women hockey team. Salim-Suleiman, the prodigal music directors who gave melodious music for 'Iqbal' and 'Dor', have delivered the music. Jaideep Sahni, the script writer-cum-lyricist has rendered thematically sounding lyrics. 'Chak De India' has eight enthused soundtracks that talk about hockey and the strategy of playing it in the best way. These lively soundtracks can be heard on Yash Raj music cassettes and CD's.

Chak De India : Sailm-Suleiman once planned to make "sports anthem" for India and the success of 'Iqbal' proved a driving force behind this plan. This time they come up with the title track 'Chak De India', a vociferous track that boasts of sportsman spirit and fight for "never say die" among hockey sports persons. Sukhwinder Singh's throaty paced vocals hold the ground and are well accompanied by westernized stylish feminine voice of Mariaane D Cruz and Salim Merchant in the backdrop. Sukhwinder's is at energetic best and delivers his finest work of the year and is ably backed up by stylish crafted synthesizer and keyboard works that lift the tempo of the song. Jaideep Sahni's lyrics cheer up the fighting spirit among sports persons and encourage in lifting their moral in making their country proud of their valor and strength. It may not be a ground breaking but it's certainly a well compiled soundtrack that sounds emblematic for film and album's success. Hear it loud while cheering for your national teams when they are battling out for their supremacy on field.

Badal Pe Paon Hai : Hema Sardesai, a prolific but least heard singing sensation, makes a cool presence as she sings her heart out in well spirited and full of life soundtrack "Badal Pe Paon Hai". It's a delightful number that describes the dreamy desires of the protagonist and is well backed up by worthy lyrics. Salim-Suleiman infuse stylized rock "n" roll rhythmic base in the number but the orchestration proves too incompetent to make it mesmerizing for ears. It was noticed in the soundtrack "Awara Bhaneware" ('Sapney') that had similar feel but it was A R Rehman's brilliance that made it chartbusting. Hema Sardesai's well crooned voice fails to find suitable arrangements though the lyrical work exemplifies the innocent and naïve nature of the protagonist. It's a situational track that can well be utilized as background number in the film.

Ek Hockey Doongi Rakh Ke : "Ek Hockey Doongi Rakh De", the promotional track spreads the belligerent spirit of the argumentative Indian women hockey team and it comes aggressively in the voice of Shah Rukh Khan. Lead protagonist anchors the song and introduces all the players of the team in a volubly belligerent way with loud pitched percussive musical backdrop. Overall, it comes in Punjabi folk base musical format as there is a heavy usage of "dhol" along with the actor's heart-felt sentiments in the song. It's cut above the rest and by far the first major experience where the actors have turned singers in delivering the spirit and theme of the film. Jaideep Sahni's lyrics may sound vulgar or absurd as there are usages of cuss words and phrases delivered in their respective lingos. It brings shades of their emotions as it emotes out their personal and family sentiments about the sport. This hockey team has players from all major states of India and they are well represented as Chak 1, Chak 2…It's all new experience as it will be important how it will be choreographed in the film as it's promotional feature in 'Jhoom Barabar Jhoom' screening has disappointed viewers.

Bad Bad Girls : Anushka Manchandani, one of lead vocalist of pop group "VIVA" and "Golmaal" gears up for fun-filled and lively track about the mischievous mode of conduct of girls in "Bad bad girls". Salim-Suleiman have been the finest background scorers in the business so far and now they deliver a peculiar rock touch to this ever enthusing background number that describes the roguish behavior of sporty girls. It may be well placed during the training session when the girls are working hard on the field for their spirited "goal" in the film. Feel the sporting passion of hockey as it will be making a more significant presence in the film than in the album.

Hockey Remix : "Hockey Remix" comes out as a "medley" soundtrack that clubs the belligerent feel of "Ek Hockey Doongi Rakh Ke" and sporty enthused feel of "Chak De India" in hip-shaking club disco mix attire. It's more akin for the dancing floors as the adventures of the sport are well bonded into a hip-shaking musical format. Shah Rukh's voice is echoed and is ably remixed while the notes and rhythms of Sukhwinder's rendered "Chak De India" add nostalgic touches to the track.

Maula Mere Maula : The sentimental phase in the spirited hockey team coach comes in sad and morose vocal shades with Krishna along with Salim Merchant delivering a heart warming soundtrack "Maula Mere Maula". It has more of a vintage 50's and 60's feel than a contemporary Sufi touch where loud pitched voice of Krishna emotes out the painful sentiments in the form of devoted prayer. It's not great to hear but positively an above average situational sentimental number.

Sattar Minute : The concluding "Sattar Minute" comes out as salutation to the spirit of hockey team where coach (Shah Rukh) delivers his soulful briefing about winning their heart out on the field. It's more of a monologue than a melodic offering where the team gets a moral booster in form of a spirited speech from their coach. Hear it loud in the climax of the film and feel the pain and suffering of "never say die" hockey team coach.

Yashraj's 'Chak De India' is no melodic surprise but a salutation to the sporting spirit of a sportsman on the field. Salim-Suleiman's music holds no great surprises or promises but caters to the situation well in all its soundtracks. The box office success of the film will play a major role as far as its commercial aspect is concerned while the title track "Chak De India" can be a winning surprise for the album.


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