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By Satyajit - Eye TV India Bureau

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Ram Gopal Verma's new tryst with obsession, lust and passion discovers a new path and journey in his next venture 'Darling' after the below average response to his latest releases 'RGV Ki Aag' and 'Nishabd'. Fardeen Khan, Esha Deol and Isha Koppikar are the central lead characters of the film while Ramu's protégé Nisha Kothari sizzles in an item song. It will be for the first time when two prolific music composers -- Himesh Reshammiya and Pritam -- will compose music for an RGV's film. RGV favorite Prasanna is also roped in as guest composer for the album. Ram Gopal Verma directed 'Darling' has ten original soundtracks that can be heard on T-Series music cassettes and CD's.

Tadap (2 Versions) : The rollicking thrust of Sufi rock makes a pleasurable entry through impressive Himesh Reshammiya's nasal twang in hot and provocative love song soundtrack "Tadap". It's a song about the sensuousness and pain suffered and shared by lovers and it comes in echoing and resonating pitched vocals. Tulsi Kumar lends her shrill paced voice in making this hot "n" happening sensuous track while Reshammiya' regains his top form by modulating and pitching of his vocals. Its visual presentation in the promos has already created desired buzz for the film and the number promises lots of surprises for ardent Reshammiya fans after a couple of his mediocre musical albums.

"Tadap (remix)" is an impressive "club" remix DJ work where thriving disco beat fillers make promising vibes with quivering and rocking vocals. It can be clubbed into the cadre of all such hit Reshammiya's remix numbers that have been enthralling viewers in last few years.

Aa Khushi Se Khudh Khushi Kar Le (2 Versions) : Pritam scored some chartbusting surprises in Priyadarshan's 'Bhagam Bhag' but the number "Aa Khushi Se Khudh Khushi Kar Le" failed to get gripping in the film and now it resurfaces again with effective modifications and improvisations. It's a sure short chartbusting number where Shaan's perky voice is collaged as an impressive addition to vivacious Sunidhi Chauhan's vocal display. The soundtrack has a feminine seductive feel and is conceived as hip-shaking dancing track. This item song has some pulsating beat patterns that will surely be dancing feast for party lovers and it's pity that it got sidelined in 'Bhagam Bhag'. "Aa Khushi Se Khudh Khushi Kar Le (remix)" works aggressively for disco freaks as it comes out as another remarkable "club" remixes number that will surely burn dancing floors. The remixing stylized works in this number make this most happening dancing track in recent times for its pulsating and undying foot-thumping bangs and certainly a big boon for album's prospects.

Saathiya (2 Versions): "Saathiya" brings out the finest combo of Pritam and Adnan Sami works after their impressive teamwork in "Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si" ('Life in a…Metro'). It's a song that can work beautifully on a delightful romantic evening for its fanatical and alluring delightful feel. Adnan Sami is in top form again and it all comes in his modulating and resonating singing mode that collages wonderfully with Pritam's well-orchestrated arrangements. Tulsi Kumar makes another significant singing contribution and this number shows her prowess as a competent singing icon. The soundtrack will positively be attracting big attention for its mellifluous flow and its promotional featuring has already given the desired status. "Saathiya (remix)" is an impressive "club" track but certainly not as noteworthy as previous two remixes numbers but still can be treasured to enamor the serene feel of the original soundtrack. It's more akin to mushy and soft sentimental style of dancing on the floors and should attract Adnan Sami's fans.

Akele Tanha: Tulsi Kumar, a T-Series favorite matures appreciably with "Akele Tanha", a painfully sentimental soundtrack about isolation and separation from the beloved. Pritam delivers a mesmerizing echoing effect that can well bring back memories to Bally Sagoo's style of compositions. It's another impressive work from all departments and Sameer's contemporary lyrical proves an inspiring factor in giving it dramatic touches. "Akele Tanha" is a substantial growth of Tulsi Kumar into competent vocalist's cadre from his shaky 'Aksar' singing days. This number's biggest highlight is the skillfully conceived resonating musical effects in the interludes that provide nostalgic charm and catalyze substantial elements into the film's emotional quotient.

Awaaz Koi: After some delightful soundtracks from Pritam and Himesh Reshammiya, "Awaaz Koi" brings back Ramu's style of horrifying musical fictional work by his protégé Prasanna Shekhar. This intimidating number has gruesome feeling where the horrendous feel about unpredictable happenings emote through dark sounds, loud drumming and spine-chilling impacts. Priyadarshini's dark and overwhelming voice sings this appalling and dreadful soundtrack that should cater substantially in the compelling situations of the film. Earlier Ramu's films like 'Pyar Tune Kya Hai', 'Darna Mana Hai' and 'Darna Zaroori Hai' had similar horrifying tracks and it also promises to work mechanically with the feel of the subject.

Hasaye Bhi Rulaye Bhi (2 Versions): Pritam maintains his great form in the album by ushering out with another spectacular alluring romantic track "Hasaye Bhi Rulaye Bhi" with great zeal. Shaan's prolific vocal display strikes rich with his modulating flamboyance that moves in tandem with Tulsi Kumar's inspiring vocals. The soft and sentimental feel is exuded marvelously in optimally paced arrangements that make great chemistry with expressive lyrics and fantastic voices. The number completely belongs to Shaan's immaculate pristine singing talents and noteworthy attribute by ever versatile Pritam in lifting the spirit of the album.

Finally there is brilliant "lounge" musical work that works brilliantly for this mushy romantic number in finely tuned and orchestrated "Hasaye Bhi Rulaye Bhi (remix)". The "cool" relaxing harmonic textures combined with echoing vocal impacts makes great chemistry in delivering a tranquil melodic appeal.

'Darling' is the biggest musical bonanza from Ramu's factory after series of miserable musical releases from bunch of his reliable protégés in last few years. After the dismal musical show of 'RGV Ki Aag', it comes as a welcome surprise and delightful experience of having two experienced composers at the helm of affairs. Pritam delivers another great performance by delivering tracks like "Saathiya", "Hasaye Bhi Rulaye Bhi" and "Aa Khushi Se Khudh Khushi Kar Le" while Himesh Reshammiya' sole contribution "Tadap" works positively in giving it a winner look.

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