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By Eye TV India Bureau


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She is latest to join the unending list of beauty pageant winners who enter Bollywood. With her debut film, 'Dil Dosti Etc' set for release coming Friday, we caught up with Nikita Anand to know about her and her film. Excerpts of the interview:

Being a Miss India are there greater expectations from you?

Expectations are always there from every actress who joins films. This trend of beauty pageant winners joining films started in 1994 when Sushmita Sen and Aishwarya Rai joined the industry. They were followed by Lara and Priyanka, and all have been successful. So, there will be more expectations from me too. I am prepared for it.

Having distinction in science, studying Fashion Designing and later turning Miss India pageant, where are you heading?

Well, I have just done a film. Obviously, I am heading towards films. But I enjoy doing different things. Even during my childhood I was involved in a lot of different things like elocution, sports, singing, and drama.

How come did you anchor sports shows?

I started with the American car-racing sports and had fun doing it. We belong to a cricket crazy nation. When I got this opportunity to host cricket shows I immediately took it up. Also, I enjoy watching the game so anchoring it was more fun.

Did you intimidate men around you in the gym?

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Yes, I love working out. See it is a very rare thing that women go out to the gym and work out with heavy weights. When I do that, my trainer keeps telling me that some guys from the gym are not able to do as much as what I can and that they keep telling him how much they are embarrassed working out when I am around.

How did you hit off so well on the 'Dil Dosti Etc' sets with a reserved type Imaad Shah?

Imaad is an extremely reserved person. I have got a lot of scenes in the film with him. So I had to put in an extra effort to open him up. It is important to strike the right rapport with your co-star. This helps in the scenes turning out much better on screen. So, I used to make sure that whenever he was around we would laugh or chat and joke around and eventually it all has reflected in our scenes on screen.

Why did Ishita Sharma, your other co-star, avoid clicking pictures with you?

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Ishita is a very sweet girl. I am 5 feet 8 inches tall. So, she avoided clicking pictures with me because of this big height difference. She admitted to me that she did it because I make her feel very short. (Laughs) We are good friends but whenever it came to having both of us standing in the same frame she would run away!

How come Shreyas Talpade got very nervous during the kissing scene with you?

Why just him it was me too who got very nervous. (Laughs) Finally we just did it because we were acting and it was just for a scene. So, we immediately got over our nervousness. Since it was a very small scene we wrapped it up quickly.

Being a trained singer do you aspire to sing your own songs?

Yes. If get a chance, I would definitely like to do it.

You had a short affair with Dino Morea. What went wrong?

I don't know how these rumors of me and him being together began in the first place. I came to know about such a thing after I read it somewhere.



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