Ranbir in awe of Bips

Ranbir in awe of Bips

By Eye TV India Bureau

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This Bollywood heart-throb actor is linked pretty much with every starlet he works with. Yes, it’s Ranbir Kapoor. But the young Kapoor insists that there is one girl he is ‘truly fond of’ and she is Bipasha Basu! She is also one lady who hasn’t been on his hit list of link-ups. Ranbir would easily say he has always been in awe of Bipasha. She is a super fit actress and that’s absolutely awesome in Ranbir’s words. Call it a confession that Ranbir feels he ticks with Bips. Ranbir is happy that the admiration is also mutual. Bipasha too has expressed her fondness for Ranbir on social-networking websites. At a recent event both actors seemed extremely comfortable in each other’s presence. Though there was an unmistakable chemistry between Ranbir and Bipasha, but it was restricted to just that. Is Deepika Padukone listening?

Anyway, Ranbir’s popularity graph is up. He’s sorta been hibernating since his popular film ‘Rockstar’. Recently, the actor emerged at an event to unveil Pritish Nandy’s latest book. Later, when Ranbir was trying to make his way to his car, a huge crowd mobbed him. His security personnel did their bit to bail him out of the situation. It took a good 20 minutes to get Ranbir to his car. The love and adulation is what every actor craves for but this experience was a tad bit scary. The actor doesn’t want any ugly repeat of the incident, so he has asked his security team to beef up their forces.


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