Saif says 'sorry’ to Portman

Saif says 'sorry’ to Portman

By Eye TV India Bureau

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Saif Ali Khan’s statement that he's doing a romcom with Hollywood star Natalie Portman seems to have created a huge stir. Although the Bollywood actor-producer maintained that he was joking, it seems the representatives of the Oscar-winning actor didn't share his sense of humor. Buzz is that they have issued a legal notice to Saif to ensure that a clarification of his statements was put out. Saif did clarify his stance on July 29 and said, “It was a joke. I'm sorry. I'm just annoyed with speculation on all aspects of my life. I might just start making up stories to entertain myself". Meanwhile, the souring relations between Saif’s girlfriend Kareena Kapoor and Suzzane, wife of Hrithik Roshan, have brought Saif into news and for wrong reason. Since he missed Deepika Padukone’s success bash of ‘Cocktail’ starring Deepika and Saif, the Saif-Bebo’s absence was attributed to Suzanne’s presence at the party.

Suzzane’s dislike for Kareena following rumors of husband Hrithik Roshan and Kareena’s hot affair a decade ago, is well known. So, Bebo and her beau decided to stay away from Suzanne. Looks the wounds are too deep to heal soon. The seductive moves of Kareena in the promos of her ‘Heroine’ have stirred the industry, and everyone is heard saying that Kareena will excel Vidya Balan’s stunning image of ‘The Dirty Picture’. However, Bebo asserts that she is her own and not following anyone. She insists, “I am not getting into anyone’s shoes. I am very comfortable in my own shoes and nobody fits into my size”. She isn’t ready to hang up her boots. In fact, she likes Zohra Sehgal, someone’s who’s still working in her 90s.


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