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Sameera Reddy is very excited with her forthcoming movie titled One Two Three . Her portfolio has really gone versatile with her performance in the movie that is a funny film revolving around a day's incident only. It is an out and out comedy and has lot of positive vibes. She says, " This is a very special film for me due to various reasons. First, I'm playing the role of a corporate woman, for the first time. Second, this corporate woman (Laila) is just different from most others' in the tinsel town inasmuch as she is not trying to make it big in the big bad world or anything close to that ." She adds, " In fact, I run a vintage car shop in the movie, which is not something one gets to do everyday.

I even end up driving a 1960s model that kept breaking down all throughout the shoot." Then, the story enters into 'fourth gear' when I get desperate to make a deal for paying off a huge loan." The entry of Paresh Rawal at this stage takes a new turn . Paresh's character is quite strong; he comes to the rescue of Laila as a buyer. So Laila has little option but to use her charms and enchant him. The USP of the movie , according to Sameera, is the comic timing and romance that both of them share. She claims that the scene where she tries to corner Pareshji and seduce him is worth watching because Paresh is really cute as he feels more awkward shooting the sequence than she.


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