Vidya is Bollywood's Meryl Streep

“Vidya is Bollywood's Meryl Streep”

By Eye TV India Bureau

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Actor turned producer John Abraham is now the new poster boy for male grooming. The ambassador for Philip's India Body Grooming, who hasn't shied away from endorsing fairness creams, has now extended his support to men wanting to trim and groom themselves! He said that it's now the women who tell their men to tidy up. The actor, who has been riding a wave of success with his home production ‘Vicky Donor’ that is all set to premiere in China, feels that the West tends to caricature Bollywood movies. He wants to show the world that Indian cinema is meaningful. He agrees that Bollywood is a male dominated industry, but there are exceptions too. He believes that diva Vidya Balan has proved through her ‘Kahaani’ that she is Meryl Streep (‘The Iron Lady’ of Hollywood) who can carry a film on her shoulders. He also said that Vidya is not just an exception, but exceptional as an actor. Post ‘Cocktail’ even Deepika Padukone falls in the same category.

Incidentally, John Abraham has ‘Race 2’ up for a Republic Day release in 2013 and ‘Dostana 2’ that will go on the floor in 2013. Post ‘Vicky Donor’, producer John Abraham has taken Ayushman Khurrana on board yet again for ‘Humara Bajaj’ and ‘Dilli Silly Love Shove’.


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